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Helen Wiltshire Gallery

Ben Wiltshire

Ben Wiltshire was born in Melbourne in 1969 and moved to Mission Beach with his family in the 1970s where he was raised with an idyllic tropical lifestyle.  Bens connection with art started early in life being the only son of artist Helen Wiltshire, the family spent some time living on Bedarra Island which was the home of Artist Noel Woods, his mother Helen opened a gallery at their home in Bingil Bay where many local artists exhibited, creativity was second nature to Ben. He sold his first painting while at high school and later produced a series of works while based at Coolum on the Sunshine Coast.

Ben has a significant following with his works being a feature of the Helen Wiltshire Gallery in Mission Beach, after having in recent years created a range of works reflecting his love of the ocean and beach life. The Three dimensional texture in his paintings bring the subject to life and the colour of his work reflects the vibrant colours of the region.  Bens artwork is evolving with his own unique style, and the success of his solo exhibitions has given him confidence to explore his craft. Ben is one of Mission Beach’s most popular artists with his works displayed in many homes across Australia and within the Cassowary Coast. He has achieved recognition in the Mission Beach Arts Community through a style that is unique and captivating.

Also on display at the Helen Wiltshire Gallery are sculptures by Ben Wiltshire and a selection of hand painted t-shirts.

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Helen Wiltshire Gallery